Diva Rambling: Zen-O-Meter…


I’ve noticed with this summers hectic schedules, and bizarre hiccups, that a quiet weekend at home seems such a respite even more. It becomes a chance to catch up on all things home. I’ve traveled fifty percent of my adult life and I’ve come to love nesting.

I have discovered, for me specifically, and others as well, we need a balance between Zen and morass. When we do not get the proper rest that our on-board systems tell us we need, we become a little more savage and frazzled. What is your Zen-o-Meter telling you, as and individual, that you need? Are you even listening?

Sometimes the Universe gets quirky and takes away the control of our time for reasons we don’t understand. However, you can take back control. Sometimes the Universe is just throwing a brick at us to get us to focus on the “NOW” and not take the daily domestic things for granted. Find your peace, find your Zen and above all find this moment. Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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