Diva Ranting: Toxic Family…

Toxic Family…

It’s a universal law that we can pick on our siblings ceaselessly. And years later we still put guilt trips on them about the injustices they inflicted on us in our formative years. For some of us it takes years of therapy to overcome these injustices. Usually we all grow up and laugh at it all later. However, for those of who have a sadistic, social climbing wanna be, or a mean spirited snob for a relative they likely never leave it behind. They are embarrassed of their families and rarely if ever communicate with them. I have grown friends in their fifties and sixties who still lament these so called relatives in their lives. They still feel the hurt of the vicious behavior that has never stopped.

The Universe did not intend for us to carry the baggage of that kind of behavior from anyone in our lives. Learn to let go. Being related by blood does not mean you have to have anything to do with anyone who does not respect you for the wonderful person you’ve become. Thinking about them only intrudes on a life that is meant to be enjoyed. Don’t keep pouring salt on the wound. Ignoring bad people works and hurts no one.

Some siblings in particular are evil incarnate. They are more worried about labels and social climbing than they are family or even people in general. Do not feel bad about shutting them out of your life. You need to make room to enjoy the wonder the Universe has put all around us.

I believe the best revenge is done by having a life fulfilled in spite of anyone who would have us do differently. Blocking the bad from your life lets you heal and allows you to focus on the things and people who truly matter to you.                              Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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