Diva Ranting: CRAP

Toxic Family 2…






I’ve been on a bit of a rant lately because so many of my friends, young and old, are dealing with family who do not serve the greatest good of anyone in their lives. I don’t know if its because the wannabe’s of the world are getting worse or I’m just hearing and noticing it more.

A child who hasn’t spoken to family for 30 years because they are embarrassed of them and where they come from, or a family member who only associates with family that has a decent Dunn and Bradstreet rating, all equally at fault in narcissistic, passive aggressive behavior patterns. Friend or Family is not a title one just has, it has to be earned.

I’m a big fan of keeping “crap” out of my auric field. If we continue to let these people in there is little hope for our happiness. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a firm believer in forgiveness. However, that does not come along with allowing the toxic people back into your life to continually pollute our happiness. Toxic is still toxic no matter how much of the air freshener of forgiveness we spray on it. We have to drain the pond and refill, only with fresh water. Also, we don’t let the family members who drink the cool aid of guilt, try to convince us otherwise. Let them swim in the cesspool of toxicity all they want. We also limit contact with them as much as possible, so we don’t have to relive the hurt through others continued pain and suffering.

Believe me, it’s OK to live a guilt free and joyful life without the “crap”. Being beaten down by pedantic, self centered people is Not what the Universe wants us to do. This article is about “Crap”. So in the time we took to read it we most probably let some memories of crap resurface in our hard drive. It’s like a virus. However, we can get rid of a virus. Do it now! and don’t let it reinfect your system. Its all about choices …and we we get to choose. Here is to a clean hard drive and no viruses, Divas. Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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