Diva Rambling: Nature’s Healing…

Nature’s Healing….

I was counseling a young person the other day. She’s had an wretched life full of huge betrayals and dreadful challenges. She is as bitter and angry as one might expect. We discussed the possibility of learning to trust again and open her mind to new beginnings. I recommended she start in the Forest. I suggested that she first let nature in, and then the people she could find that love nature as well. I suggested she set about learning to become a trusting person again by taking some simple steps. I invite all of you to do the same.

I suggest that going into nature offers refuse from the chaos of daily life. What one finds there is magic. This kind of magic is available to all of us. We could all use getting out into greener climes more often. I invite us to see our world in terms natures bounty and healing powers. I extend us all the invitation into the magic, and the personal enchantment available to each of us… if we only open the door. Find the enchantment of the forest floor. You won’t be disappointed.

This invitation is full of magic and possibility. I’m not suggesting that it isn’t, at times, also frightening, sometimes breath taking, as well as mystical and full of surprises. This is an invitation to know about our surroundings. It is here that we begin to see places, not just as landscape, but as relationships. Read the stories of our cultures, they are eye opening and can be very personal. They can also be the stories that open our own imaginings to what would happen in our own mythical realms. The process of creating stories that are real to our own dimension can be very powerful healing tools. We control the demise of evil, after-all!

Attempting to become a fully functioning human again, when life has beaten you down, is a challenging one. However, you are first and foremost Divas, you can warrior yourself through the toughest challenges. Remember, Mother Nature is there for all of us. She is the mother that is everywhere for everyone. Don’t miss her magic and healing power. Begin your journey to fullness and healing today in the lands of nature nearest you. Namaste, The Queen Cronista…

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