Diva Pontificating: Master Your Destiny…

Master Your Destiny…

We have great masters in art, we have master tradesmen (stone-carvers, electricians, furniture makers etc.). I’m guessing we’ve heard people say they are a “Jack of all Trades” master of none!”. There is a reason for this expression. One can truly only be a master of one thing at a time. You must stay disciplined for many years to achieve the title of “Master” of anything. While you may have a natural talent at something, it takes time, commitment, and discipline to truly Master any art.

Granted talented people may be accomplished at many things because they know how to be disciplined. But they cannot be masters of anything unless they are single-mindedly mastering one thing. A true master will rarely, if ever leave his calling or be distracted by the next trend.

A master keeps going. If you are one who can accept mediocrity you can quit and go to the next thing. You can only be mediocre your whole life and do fine. But do not expect to be elite at anything if you do not discipline yourself to have a non-negotiable work ethic. Do what you love and the rest will be an easier way to stay disciplined.

The good news is you get to choose. You can be and elite master or a mediocre performer. The choice is always yours. Having a masters in mediocrity is fine for those who do not wish to work so hard. It takes all the threads to make up a tapestry. You choose if your are part of the pattern or part of the background. Neither is better or worse.  Both are necessary.  But for people of passion only mastery will work.  

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