Diva Rambling: Power of Words…

Power of Words…

I recently read a quote: “Words cast spells. That’s why it’s called “SPELLING”. Words are energy, choose them wisely.

Whoever said sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me…was, in my opinion, totally out of touch with human emotion. Some of us are more tough skinned than others and words from idiots don’t bother us. But some of us are sensitive beings whose confidence is easily shattered by a harsh or bullying discourse from peers. While I am blessed not to be one of them I certainly understand how words impact those glorious, sensitive, souls who struggle with balancing the sensory overload caused by human input.

If we could only edit our thoughts to be kinder, we would do so much less damage to those around us. In our current world many don’t give a rats assets to care. They leave soul destruction in the wake of their journey through the world each day. I cannot say I’m an angel, because I’ll use whatever words I feel meet the need of the moment, when I see or hear a bully taking on an innocent anywhere, anytime. I am not a crone you want to tangle with for any reason. However, while I try to remember the power of my “word spells”, usually don’t let go unless I believe I’m seeing evil incarnate spewing on the innocent.

My point is, always realize that words do have power over others in different ways. Choose your words wisely as they are conversations with the Universe and it will send Karma your way for the choices you’ve made…good or bad!

Found a good light heart-ed poem for emphasis on the power of words….

A fairy sung a song
beauty of those words
rivers start to flow
flowers start to grow
universe slowed
Just to hear that melody


Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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