Diva Rambling: How can I overcome having a critical spirit….

How can I overcome having a critical spirit?
A critical spirit is not difficult to recognize. Critical spirits are no fun to be around. Its fruit is usually evident. Someone with a critical spirit is prone to complaining, they see the glass as half-empty, ruing the day for others. They deal only in unmet expectations, opining failure (for others more than in oneself), and above all being judgmental. They are usually malignant narcissists with controlling personalities. One does not have to be a therapist to recognize these traits in others.
These folks seek to pervert the good the Universe meant to be present in our lives. We live in a down-trodden world, we are often impatient. We want to enter into the glorious delights for which we were created. It is good, in my opinion, that we can see what’s missing in our world. Since the world is not as it should be, nor are humans as we should be, the dilemma is our to address. Recognizing the world’s inadequacies helps us to acknowledge our need of major improvements.
Obviously, critical spirits are destructive, tearing down both the recipient and the giver of the criticisms. Master teachers speaks against such critical judgment. By judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and Karma always serves you what you deserve. By all means we should be discerning. We are not to ignore the fallen nature of the world around us. I’m not saying that we must never, under any circumstance, criticize anyone else. In fact, the Universe tells us that we are to judge justly. However, we are never to criticize with malicious intent or out of self-righteousness. We must not assume that we are non-judgmental or that we can force our judgments on others.
Sadly, we humans, have naturally deceptive hearts. This fact allow for blind spots and biased comparisons. Only the Universe can judge with perfect accuracy. And our discernment is only valid when it is informed by pure intentions and love of all the Universe. Only when we are submitted to Truth and honest with ourselves will our judgment serve to uplift rather than destroy.
So how do we overcome this flaw of a critical spirit? The condition of our heart is crucial. The good person, out of the good treasure of his heart, produces good. The evil person out of his evil intentions produces evil. A critical spirit spring from a critical heart. And a critical heart generally comes from a general malcontent with the Universe—either due to pride or a simple lack of information about Karma. Only when we understand our malcontent and accept the perfection of the Universe’s grace will we be able to love the world as we should.
Those who struggle with a critical spirit know that they fail to receive the unconditional love of the Universe and its abundant gifts. These souls are constantly judging others and themselves and always coming up lacking favor in every way. The better we understand the Universe’s perfection, the more gracious we will be with others and ourselves. The more grateful we become the greater the gifts bestowed by the Universe. The giving of gratitude is the strongest antidote to a critical spirit. Be the best you can be today. Give thanks and love to your world and watch your world improve exponentially. Namaste, The Queen Cronista…

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