Diva Musing: Words/Spell Casting….

Spell Casting…

I mention often a basic rule of physics…”form follows thought”. I babysat for an 8 year old this weekend and I was instilling in her the need to think positive thoughts in our world. I explained that everything that exists in this world was first a thought and then a spoken word.

A thought you have today will at some point in our reality manifest. No expiration date given unless we counteract the thought with an opposite thought. Our Universe is made of words. That’s why the Wicca call it “Spell Casting”.

What others think of us in not our business. If we think strong positive thoughts they are a shield from others aimless casting. Keeping our shield up is as simple as thinking positive thoughts. WOW!!

As humans we have dedicated our goals on this earth to becoming our personal best. And we use words to formulate the words that will become our reality. We use words to tell about ourselves. We use words to tell others that, “I am….” We use words to let others that we are in the Universe. We use words to control our emotions about our immortality. Our soul that lives forever, we use words to describe where we want that to be. We had to create words to describe our forever life.

Each of us should have the ultimate goal of becoming a master wordsmith. Someone who creates a reality like no one else, because we know the power of our words. Just say how blessed you are for saying the right things and finding them somewhere in one of your tomorrows. I can’t wait how about you? Namaste, The Queen Cronista..

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