Diva Rambling: To Succeed….

To Succeed…

Success is merely a thought away. Success does not have to be such and uphill task. We speak regularly about how the basic physics/tapestry of the Universe is woven by our thoughts. So if we look at success as uphill…then it is!!!

If we look at it as something we can achieve then we will. The passion that goes into a thought and the intention easily make it more controllable…good or bad.

If you struggle with success… clean up your hard drive (your brain) and watch things improve. Success is not selective. It favors every thought you have and can manifest it with ease (not always with our desired timing). The Truth is, you control where it falls. Favored one? Or ignored one? Wow, it all up to you. The Genie in the Lamp grants us every wish. Be careful what you wish for…as they say!!!

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