Diva Ranting: Manners…

Is it just me! Manners…

Last week it was pouring rain and a nice man came over to the car and held his umbrella so I wouldn’t get wet. He walked me into the store where we were headed and I complemented him and his mother for raising such a gentleman. He said he made her proud most days and he was 40-ish. I lament all the time these days how men in the South have become so rude. I just don’t see that kind of gentleman as often. I know the libbers have halted some of it but they didn’t make them have to be rude and crude with it. I salute those men who still remember what mamma and daddy taught them about good manners. It’s a dying art.

So, here I come ranting again about the rudeness of today’s men. I was out running chores for the office and a man ‘on my left’ at a 4 way stop came us a couple of seconds after me. As I pulled forward with the right of way he intentionally ran the stop tried to hit me. He began cursing, and flipping me off as he made his left turn. I stopped and smiled and that outraged him more. His eyes were pale vampire red in the iris and his hair and beard made him look even more maniacal. These social pariah are everywhere these days. Not just in Appalachia. The answer is simple. Be nicer to each other. So simple, yet unattainable in our current chaos infested world of incensed souls.

I trust our readers are putting out enough love and good vibrations to help restore the balance at least a little bit. We so need a revival of manners and kindness in our world. I hope at least some of you can remember the good ole’ days when that happened. Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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