Diva Rambling: Killer Frost…

Killer Frost…

We had our first killer frost this morning in the “Boro”. Killer anything sounds so harsh. Yet, it means its time for the wonderful fall plantings and things that bring beauty to spring. It’s time for the leaves to change and give us the natural grandeur of colors that makes fall so spectacular. If you live across the globe do a search for “fall colors in the Appalachian mountains” and see what you are missing. It’s by far my favorite season.

Time for Pumpkin patches and all the baked goods that go along with that along… with warm spiced apple cider. Time for Crackling fires and anticipation of the upcoming holidays. It’s time for family to snuggle in and tell stories and play board games. If your family is not still doing this, or ever has tried this ritual, your missing out.

It’s time for remembering the summer fun and anticipating the spring flourish. And above all it’s about gratitude for abundance and the fall harvest that Nature and the Universe have provided all year long. I don’t know about you but this would make me want to do fall in the mountains at least once. We have friends coming in from Israel soon and I hope they get here to see the colors in time. My friends from Cambodia think it’s already too cold. It’s all about perspective, my Divas.

I wish each of you could join me for a hot apple cider on our coffee house porch and relish the fall with me. Namaste, The Queen Cronista.

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