S-U-C-C-E-S-S- that’s the way you spell success! This was an old cheer we use to use in high school. Hopefully, as we grow in wisdom, we realize that the meaning of success changes significantly with our experiences and mindset (“form follows thought”). I know I pound this concoct into the ground but it’s for real!

I use to post a large flip chart over my children’s beds and make the write their goals. Each night they had to say their prayers and read me their goals. We’d change them as needs must. Today my son still carries a small notebook with him and does the same thing. He has manifest everything on each updated goal list usually within two years (for larger goals), from wonderful wife and family, to career success. My daughter is an Emmy award winning TV host and has done the same. I just watched a segment where she guested on Home and Family Channel and you can see she loves her job.

My point is this….they are both doing what they love and so they never feel like they are working. You can do the same. We all need to re-evaluate how we look at success as we grow and expand our minds.

We peruse everything from money to hard bodies; it’s all ok. However, when was the last time you evaluated what is truly important measure of success where you are right now? We must be in a constant change of accepting shift in all areas of our life…”Shift Happens”, whether we like it or not.

If you are not adjusting your map (goals) to accommodate the shifts in your life then you may take a wrong turn and end up in someone else’s destination…(success/ goals). Having to retrace steps wastes life force, time and spirit. These are thing from which recovery is very hard.

We can measure success by process of elimination. See what doesn’t work and move on quickly. Evaluate your future more carefully. The old quote from Thomas Edison serves well here when asked how he felt by failing to create electricity over 1700 times. I paraphrase his response…” I have NOT failed over 1700 times. I have successfully proven over 1700 ways NOT to create electricity!”… Again, perspective, always our choice.

Don’t let social media dictate your personal growth goals, and don’t’ hold a vice grip philosophy definition of success. It us NOT just about wealth, owning or running a fortune 500 company or gathering a social media following of sycophants.

Always let your dreams/goals match your intrinsic values. Many people we consider successful are merely burned out versions of their former selves. Rich maybe, happy probably not if their intrinsic values have been left behind.

Everyone around you may have a plan of what you should be…THEY DON’T GET TO VOTE! Never let anyone force their version of your future on you. That is why I admire my “Misanthropes” so much. They don’t let anyone push them around. They fix on their goals and head for them without fear…all the while remaining flexible.

Whatever Success means to you right now, do not let it be the only road you are willing to take. Be flexible, adjust your dreams/goals regularly. If you can do this your whole life, you’ll find your are not as disappointed as the rest of the human race… who refused to do what your wisdom dictates you to do. Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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