Diva Rambling: Flow!

TGIF… Flow!

Its Friday, its a magnificent fall day and I can’t grab my ass with both hands! Ever have one of those weeks? We’ve had an unprecedented amount of rain in the mountains this summer and fall that the leaves haven’t really started changing yet. The cold weather has been late in coming. I love cooler weather and the smells of fall. The “cold ones” as I call them are already in sweaters while I’m still sporting lightweight clothing. I was one of those wierdy beardies who didn’t own a winter coat until I was 37 years old, and moved to New Jersey! I’m a bit more compatible with nature in some instances than others.

I must admit, thought, as nature begins to hibernate so do I. I am terribly impacted by the darkness of winter months. I feel so much empathy for those who suffer from depression when this happens. However, There is no right way to react to the change of seasons. How we handle the change of seasons or life is still up to us. We can feel the gloom within but still let our brilliant light shine. Shine our light to heal those who need healing in every season. We feel better, they feel better and its a win-win for all of us.

In short we start with what the Universe has given us, listen to our body telling us what we need, go with the flow of nature current path. If we learn to seek this balance we will not feel out of sorts with changes in season or life. Don’t make mountains out of mole hills. If nature wants that to happen she will do it herself. Flooooooooooow! Namaste, The Queen Cronista…

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