Diva Rambling: Walk Your Talk…

Walk Your Talk….
We now live in a world where people wake up waiting to be incensed about anything and everything. However, I still believe we can make a difference by walking our personal talk. Not evangelizing some point or other but just being a discerning human being. You can speak your truth by showing simple, positive acts of energy everywhere you go. There are things you can do everyday to inspire others.
For Example:
Keep your carbon footprint at a minimum
Be Greener support local farmers and green grocers when you can
Be the one who rides a bike or walks to your workplace
Be the one who uses a minimum of electricity
Be the one who adopts a pet
Be the one who uses more solar power when possible
Be the one who stands ground for those bullied and without power
Be the one who works from home if possible
Be the one who will only work in an ethical workplace
Be the one who maintains a financial safety net so you can afford to take a standing
Be the one who takes the risks
Be the one who brings your gifts to everything you do
Be the one who inspires and uplifts all those around you
We can give the best of ourselves each day and find ways to apply that to home, work and community. Much of the paid work we do is not conventionally thought of as corporate, or creative, in the same way that music, fiction and art are. However, should use our gifts all the time. You will find them pertinent to so many situations. We also find that the more we do this, the better we feel about ourselves and the contributions we make to our Universe.
The desire to be seen as a respected professional can have us sacrificing our freedom for the sake of success. To paraphrase Ben Franklin…”those who would sacrifice freedom for money or power, do not deserve either…”
You write what the publisher’s accountant likes the look of. Sometimes, we think, the price of fame and success is performing on other people’s terms. NOT!!!!! How we are in our world does not have to be defined by the position we are in, all things can be made better if you choose to find even the smallest ways of bringing our gifts to the job…any job.
However, if your desire is to just be creative, you can take that into any kind of profession and find a way to apply it as well. I can attest to this since I have worked on everything from soup to copy-work. Don’t just think outside the box….ignore the box and always smile while you are doing it…you can get away with so much more..LOL! Namaste, The Queen Cronista….

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