Diva Rambling: Judging….

Years ago I read a psychologist report that said the traits we hate in others is secretly things we hate in ourselves. I won’t even get started on what just thinking the word hate does to the spirit self.  Since I read this, I ask myself when I’m being upset by annoying behaviors, so you don’t ever do this?  My spirit kicked me in the backside…Big Ouch!  I know that sometimes I walk into a room and I’m bigger than life without even trying (not just my physical presence).  I’m always self analyzing.  I figure when they put me in the “Home”….I’ll be the only one able to analyze myself. 

My point is this…..judging others is a bad, bad habit of mine.  Even when someone is being evil and rude I am not the one with the right to judge.  The Bible says…”judge not and you will not be judged”…. Boy is that a tough one, as I grew up with a mother who sat in negative judgement on everyone and everything.  But we can make better choices. I’m not there yet but I’m getting better.  I wish you a world free of judgement. Love you, our Divas…Namaste, The Queen Cronista.

Thank you Wild Woman Sisterhood….


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