Diva Ranting: The Grinch all year….

The Grinch all year….

In a recent conversation, my friend mentioned how the school systems have recognized the need to teach kindness to the kids. Over the years, it’s been forgotten and kids are not as kind. They make fun of others. Tear down. Have exclusive clubs. Also, they show no discernible manners whatsoever.

Kindness and manners is not something that they already know? Both should be taught at home, at a very early age. I realized…They know what it means but fall woefully short at showing it. Generations now grown up watching intolerance, acts of terrorism and exclusionary behaviors all around them. They’ve seen apathy let it all happen, but do not realize that as a problem. But what about civil behavior, kindness, and good manners…have they seen it taught and enforced as a positive human behavior? Do they even recognize it as crucial to a stable society? Or, do they even care?

Are they being taught that words DO HURT! Is the family atmosphere one where they see the art of uplifting and manners part of their lives? Are some of the basics being modeled, such as:

  • Do our words uplift…or tear down others?

  • Do we gossip, complain, whine, and moan…or do we smile and give thanks for the days graces?

  • Do we spread joy during holiday seasons…or blush with irritation as we wait in the crowds?

  • Have we forgotten the meaning of respect to those in public service? Our teachers, policemen, firemen, nurses, pastors and others who give unselfishly for our safety.

  • Do we put others in front of ourselves…or do we act like spoiled brats on a bad TV series?

  • Do we have a me-first attitude? OR do we live like the bumper sticker of yesteryear? WWJD

What Would Jesus Do?”

When was the last time you asked yourself or your children a question like that? As adults of the upcoming generations, we have a keen responsibility. It is up to us to instill an attitude of gratefulness and stop passing the buck around. If we want a better world where manners and kindness abound, then we need to look within our own family structures. Don’t throw it off on teachers and churches to do our jobs. If we asked 5 of your neighbors would they say you are a kind, loving and generous family? Or plead the 5th in fear of retaliation? We all need to do some digging and put out the energy and efforts necessary to contribute to a better world.

Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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