Diva Musing: What’s your energy bill?

What’s your energy bill?

I always hear MEN SAY women don’t let anything go!! My personal experience these days is no one forgets “woundettes”, their bitterness grows and no one is hurt but the bitter person. Usually the one doing the wounding moves on and laughs at stealing the other persons peace. If you look at it as your energy bill…think about what the cost would be to have everything in the house running constantly. Not only would your energy bill be huge but appliances would burn out and maybe even cause a fire that can destroy your home. That is what hanging onto the negatives of the past can do to your health, your soul, your spirit and even your peace of mind. Worth it? I think not.

As we go through the holiday season let’s give ourselves the best gift of all…letting go of unnecessary energy drains. Plug the leaks and keep your psyche strong. Don’t let the bad people steal your energy and joy. Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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