Diva Rambling: Passion…

Passion Buscaglia

“Life is full of many things for those who love things with passion.” Leo Buscaglia

Back in the 70’s Leo Buscaglia was a famous philosopher. He was a passionate man himself.

I agree that anything accomplished feels best when achieved with passion.”

The Queen of the Cosmos.

If we have no passion then accomplishments may seem lame somehow. Why? Because they are just tasks accomplished. If we complete something with passion, then it gives us wings to soar in the moment. It feels so much better to achieve with passion.

You may be thinking (for example) you want to be an accountant to take care of your future. But, if in your heart, you want to be on the Almafi Coast in Italy painting sunsets, you will never feel passion or accomplishment in the day to day accounting drudge. Your heart and soul know where the passions lay.

It’s OK to go with what you know, of course, but don’t deny the passion for too long. God has a habit of throwing a brick to make you take stock. I’ve had that happen 3 time and believe me it is NOT pretty. Hopefully, I’m a little more on track with the Universe’s plan and happier for it.

Take stock. Admit where your passions are leaning and go for it. Achieve balance in all things and love with passion, live with passion and fly with passion. Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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