Diva Musing: What’s Your Role?

What’s Your Role?

We each put on a mask each day and go forth into the world. It may be a mask for work, society, family, or community.

Sometimes, we can also wear a mask that other people put us in, and at times we may subconsciously wear masks we’ve created for ourselves. If the latter of role playing occurs, it can make a disaster of authentic self, and forming genuine relationships. However, when we take these on intentionally and with genuine focus they can be useful and profitable to the spirit.

We rarely arrive at this alone. Sadly, at times, we may be playing the role that family, or the culture has forced on us. We may be replicating stories handed down from our ancestors – from some deep cell memory of ancient times. Often one does this role playing scene unconsciously. At times we do not Recognize that masks have been cast and presented. People are expecting others to wear them and play the role of the mask cast for them. One of the things that makes wearing a mask problematic is that those of us doing it may not realize it is not normal for our own spirits well being.

Masks become an obstacle when they have rigid boundaries and suppress spirit. Anything that does not allow us to grow or change will ultimately smother us. Roles like victim, martyr, wall flower, aggressor, narcissist, or the idiot, the one who is always wrong… are relentless masks of destruction. You cannot be complete in spirit when stuck in a mask not of you choosing. Often these masks can come in complete scenes from a bad play – an office scene might give you one dictator, one martyr employee, one useless employee and two problem employees, for example. We can spend and entire career playing that kind of tragic scene and passing it on to the next generations.

People let others as well as themselves cast them in specific roles – the victim, the narcissist, the one everyone must hate or love – these people need other to compliment their parts and dramatize their story. Victims often need both several people cast in opposing roles. The person who is always right will need scapegoats who are always wrong. People often don’t realize that they’re repeatedly playing out the same basic story over, and over, and over, and just drawing others into the supporting their drama. Don’t be an enabler to others sad tale. Don’t be a supporter of unnecessary bullying and drama. It is always our choice. Choose wisely. I wish you a life filled with love and good choices.

Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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