Diva Musing: Weird Weeks…And Reincarnation…

Weird Weeks…And Reincarnation…

Is it just me, or do you all notice that if you think you’re having a weird week everyone else does to if you listen. I’ve can list multiple times a day when I can say to people “…Is it Just me or is this a weird week?”… Inevitably they will respond with a nod yes, or tell me the story of why it’s been a weird week for them. I love that we can each relate to each other this way. Empathy for a strange week, that may each be for different reason, but makes us feel like brothers and sisters in arms.

We can listen to the stories and laugh, sometimes cry, but nonetheless, empathize. Perk up your listening skills. Listen to the person at the bank, or utility drive through. Uplift them if the story is sad and laugh with them if the story is funny. 

We can find such joy in sharing stories and tapping into the moment to uplift others. The Universe knows that my life is a living comedy each moment of the day. I often say I am responsible for reincarnation because the first time I was sent to the planet Earth I was so strange “Forrest Gumping” around that the Universe lost the plot and said….” I have to keep bringing this one back! She is so crazy I need the entertainment!”  Be someone’s entertainment today.  Come back over and over to be the difference. 

Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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