Diva Musing: Ding Dong the Muse is Dead…

Ding Dong the Muse is Dead….

I was recently speaking with some young college friends and we discussed how we currently have a bad case of writers block. To anyone creative this is not death, but a near death experience. Even blogging has been a stretch for me lately.

When your creative energy bank account is depleted, with no sign of a hefty deposit coming anytime soon, you are in a hell of numbness and back paddling.

This empty energy account is also called writer’s block for writers, screenwriters, and poets and bloggers. It is even more of a hell for performers, painters, musicians, composers, singers, dancers, the list goes on….

You put a few notes on the sheet music and then angrily toss it. Write a few words maybe even standing like Hemingway….still nothing comes. So now we have writers/artistic block and immense frustration as well.

What to do? Breathe! You heard me breathe. Take a few deep cleansing breaths, meditate for fifteen minutes, if you know how (if you don’t learn). Then, even if you are an extreme introvert, get out in it! I mean…life. Get out in your world where the inspiration came from in the first place and feel it again. Getting out around people, seeing the sites around you, getting pissed at bad drivers (personally I feel controlled road rage is good for the soul). Weather you are a writer, painter, or musically inclined…. Dance…, even if it is only spinning around at home or in nature. Dancing usually loosens up all the clogs and gets things flowing again.

I need not remind the people in any of the arts, your work gives to the world a special gift of remolding a reality. It is different for each person who receives your gift. But always remember it is your gift to the world, and the Universe created you with very specific gifts to make the world a better place. You owe it to the Universe, the world, and yourself not to disappoint. So do whatever is necessary to unclog the flow and get that energy bank account full again.

The point is, to live and keep the arts flowing we have to step out of our shells and experience the world. In the city, in nature, at a lake, at a spa…anywhere that resonates with your sense of creativity. It’s all up to you to choose; but do choose and get with it. I look forward to the results. Let me know how it goes.

Namaste, The Queen Cronista.


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