Diva Rambling: Backsliding on our Spirit…

Backsliding on our Spirit

Backsliding is a term often used in Christian lingo to mean you fallen off the path, not doing what you are supposed to each day. Lack of discipline and courage as well. If you are a backslider you let the human world steal your salvation. Well, in the same sense if you don’t control your thinking you let the human world steal your peace of mind and self-worth. Don’t be a backslider anywhere, anytime.

The Karma Cops see to it we reap what we sow. I was a social backslider so many times in my youth; I’m still paying for it. We start doing our own “thing” at any cost and we don’t care who or what we destroy in our wake.

We hopefully gain our foothold in the reality of burning off our bad Karma by recognizing what we did to create it in the first place.  Then we attempt replacing our thoughts on the proper path we were meant to follow in the first place. That done we burn off old Karma while creating new better Karma by our positive, right-minded thoughts. We also, at the point of wisdom arriving on the scene, will learn to avoid people and places that tempt us to be stupid again.

Our stupidity and hedonistic behavior comes only from a dirty sub-conscious that we do nothing to curtail. We literally have to tune into our higher consciousness and stay on track.

Fear of death, rejection, failure, ridicule, anxiety, depression, you name it, you will have it if you don’t get disciplined. You can even fall into a deep depression a place so dark you can’t imagine you still want to live. No one has to continue experiencing that kind of pain. The feelings of being gut punched on a daily basis. The loneliness of not having anyone to talk to because everybody assumed that you can just handle everything that’s thrown at you.

When we get that out of control we tend to overdose on negative thoughts and sink into the bog of eternal stench even faster. Darkness draws more darkness….Birds of a feather….so to speak. Use the darkness as your way to break into the light you are meant to dwell in all the time. No one can turn off your light but you. You control the switch to your subconscious all the time.

Turn on your light. There is are as many people who want you to shine, as there are those who want to darken your soul. You get to choose …friend of light, friends of support, friends of laughter and love. Learn to choose more wisely. You’ll be glad you did. Then watch your world begin to change.

Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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