Diva Musing: Great Expectations….

Great Expectations! What we think about.

I become almost pedantic when I chat with you about our thoughts and how they ultimately change our reality. There’s the old cliché, “You become what you think about all day long!” Often used by so many motivational speakers and life coaches. Everyone uses it in some form or other. However, I can tell you it is NOT nonsense. Only the die hard cynics will loose at this game because they don’t realize that what you are quietly stewing over in your mind will ultimately be manifest before you in some form or other.

How you are thinking right now impacts all of your thoughts and actions. How you think is a big deal. Scoff if you will, you cannot change the flow of energy in your Universe if you are riddled with “stinkin’ thinkin’”.

Basically you can never arrive at your dreams if all you do is think and hope that someday….because someday is out there and not now. If you want it now you need to think it in the now…period!!!! Think about it with passion and positive intent. I guarantee you will be pleased by the outcome. I am each day.

First rid ourselves of the “stinkin’ thinkin’”. The past is past and if your fill up your energy hard drive with negative history then negative history stays with you until you stop. All of the wise men of old tell us to live in the NOW! History need not repeat itself unless we are giving it space on our hard-drives. Delete! Delete! Delete! Think your best thoughts and never stop that, be your personal best each day and focus on what that means to you NOT OTHERS.

Even as we read this together we are working on our futures. Our best today will help create our best tomorrow etc. etc. etc…. Only we can program our hard-drives. Don’t be hacked by surrounding ourselves with cynics and nay-sayers. Our success is just that….OUR SUCCESS. Your slant on things is the all important ingredient in properly programming your own hard drive.

WE ARE what we think and don’t forget it. If we are focused on darkness…guess what…we get darkness. The genie in the lamp always delivers what we ask for in our thoughts. Positive goal setting is not for the faint of heart nor the undisciplined. Pick your thoughts carefully, and watch the Universe deliver. That’s a promise if you deliver.

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