Diva Rambling: My Special Lights….

My Special Lights…

The Universe has seen to it that in my current position I am blessed to meet so many young souls full of light and gifts to give to our world. It has been like stumbling into a diamond mine of glistening souls.
I learn something new from them every day. And, like any grandmother, I want to do whatever I can to help them through the quagmire of life‘ s swamp lands. I know I don’t get to vote, only they can do that. But I wish I could build good bridges for them to cross when they’re tired and struggling. I wish I could gift them with wings to fly away from the morass. Only God can meet those demands. So, I try to be and ear in the chaos, a heart to love them and a witch on a broom when they need a good mind flossing.

I am sure so many of you have been blessed to know bright and shining souls like these. You have put been put in their space and time continuum to serve just that purpose. To help them build the bridges that will get them through the quagmires of life. Don’t ignore that blessing. Honor it, you’ve been put there for a reason. Each of them need you in their own individual way.

Namaste, the Queen Cronista…

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