Diva Ranting: Boundaries…

The Crone on setting Boundaries…

The great thing about old age as you learn to set boundaries. Recently I’ve discovered that we have to set them up with everyone. Several of mine are in business. I need a boss who is courteous enough to give me proper time to get the 50 things they demand, done in real time.

I don’t know about you but we need to encourage the young to set proper boundaries early in life. Something we weren’t given permission to do. I’m not saying give them a license to be rude, disrespectful or crass. I suggest we teach them their right to properly prioritize and stick to a plan. They are not subject to running around willy nilly every time an adult gets a bur under their saddle to disrupt those priorities. Learn to ask authority figures to do that and be courteous enough to discuss when and if they need you to change those priorities. Some bosses and adults are just royal pains in the assets of those organized souls who try to keep the chaos out of our time space continuum.

You can set boundaries without being a prat. You can stand up for them without being rude. It’s ok to have boundaries at every age. Learn to set them and stick to them. Your soul will thank you.

Namaste, the Queen Cronista


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