Diva Pondering: Diva Reboot…

Personal Reboot

The Crones have been pondering a lot!!! Pondering everything from the time and space continuum to I think that guy is a serial killer! Random tidbits of a busy mind. Is It Just Me? Or do you also find yourself pondering everything from how to finish the novel you are writing to what is a “Black Hole” really?

At an age where I should have wisdom abounding; I find I’m feeling more like a “beautiful mind” myself. In the old days when I was working corporate I use to take off once a quarter for a 4 day silent retreat. I always liked the Yogananda Center in Malibu when I lived in California. 4 days of silence, vegetarian meals, meditation and quiet. I get more peaceful just wising I was there. It always rebooted my system for another quarter of chaos in California.

Now I’m living in a place where it only takes 30 minutes and 3 miles to go to the DMV, grocery, pay 3 bills and drop by a shut in and say high. Peaceful in itself. But it’s not enough. I find one needs to get away to quiet, nature or some place that resets the hard drive. 2 days at a spa or rental cabin in the mountains. I have to get away from all I know, to do the reboot. How about you? Whats your Reboot? We’d love to know.

Namaste, the Queen Cronista

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