Diva Rambling: Needing a Reboot…

Needing a Reboot

We spoke the other day about personal reboot. I loved the responses I got. If you don’t wish to comment on the blog you can email us anytime at: CroneUniverse@Gmail.com We will respond as quickly as possible.

I love it when my Divas and Dudes get involved and offer their gifts to us. It is so rewarding. I finally found a new retreat I’m trying to manifest for my 4 day getaway. I can’t wait. I have so many things manifesting in the manifesting cauldron that I hope I can keep up if several come at once! You can’t get a good Crone or Diva/Dude down.

I’m off to work on our murder mystery I’ve written for our students to perform in March. It’s like managing an off Broadway production. I’ll definitely need the reboot after this. I sit hear grateful you are sharing yourselves with us and joyful to have your feedback.

Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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