Diva Rambling: Making Others Look Good…


Have you ever heard of a conspiracy theory about making anyone look good? I mean truly with no agenda… love in their hearts… look good?

The only ones we hear about hear about is making some spin for a political candidate or movie star to look fabulous. But not just how lucky our world is to have this person in it, truth. The Christian Bible, in Revelation, talks about end times and the Antichrist who will be made to look good by the world. These are the things that we hear of most in our reality.

I would like to see the pay it forward moment applied more in the “making someone look good or feel good arena” Don’t get me wrong. We call ourselves crones for a reason. We’ve reached the age where bull caca is for wimps. We have tongues like a buggy whip and will call you on your caca in a heartbeat. Don’t go there with us. However, we are that way because we’ve had to temper ourselves over decades of listening to the crap that lowers the vibration of the Universe.

In trying to be kinder gentler Crones we admit that we really just want us all to do our part to increase the positive vibration of our world and the Universe itself. It takes baby steps. I sit here writing love and light while my heart is burdened about going into a room of hypocrites and holding my tongue. But when I get like this I think of my grand babies, my dogs, my brilliant friends all who make the world a better place. Then I can throw love and light into the room of jackals before I go in and it’s better. But I still have to practice everyday.

I think business writer Peter Druker once said…”Let somebody hear your compliment from somebody else…” meaning that if we say good things about people someone may tell them and they get your compliment from others. A simple way of suppressing gossip.

We’re human, we get our knickers in a twist over a lot each day in this world of chaos. However, it’s about choice…let’s each start choosing more wisely. Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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