Diva Ranting: I Mean What I Said…

Mean What You Said

Here in the South we use words like sweetheart, angel, precious, Sweetie, dear, as terms of endearment. Yet there are those outside our Southern culture who are insulted by this show of human affection.

If it’s someone that I know or I don’t know… well, it’s still a term of endearment and when it comes out of my mouth I mean it. I mean it as a term in endearment, I mean it as a term that you are someone special to me, I mean it as I noticed and acknowledged you. I won’t change that part of my upbringing for anyone. You don’t have to accept our terms of endearment, just as we don’t accept your gift of being incensed over everything, every body does, all the time.

Me and my Southern Divas will keep doing what we’re doing with love and good intention, because our Daddy’s and Mamas raised us right. You keep doing what your doing because you want to be that way. Me and my posse will keep giving the love.

Disclaimer: If you hear a Southern Woman say…”Bless your little heart!” as a punctuation to a disagreement…run for the hills. She is ready to rip out your heart and bake it in a pie!

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