Diva Rambling: Soldier On….

I have so many friends suffering from some form of sadness or grief right now that I thought I’d ramble on the topic a little.  Remember your loved one are here for you always.

Soldier On….

Have any of you ever been so depressed that everything in life seemed to have taken a turn for the worst? Maybe you were grieving for a loved one, you had an injury that ruined certain opportunities, maybe school just sucked. No one understood so everyone seemed to turn away. Being socially ostracized by friends and family can be very soul damaging.

Did you even feel like you’d given up on everything that interested you? Did gardening, horseback riding, reading, painting, whatever you use to use to give you a positive charge, seemed to evaporate from your life? Each day became an endless cycle of repetitiveness…Like the movie “Groundhog Day”. You found that you had to stay out of public scrutiny, because you found yourself crying uncontrollably all the time.

You soldiered on, and no one knew that you were in and endless numbness and mind altering state. No matter how much you smiled on the outside your soul/spirit was empty and numb. Did you look in the mirror and see the sparkle was gone in your eyes? Some people, knew something was up but didn’t know how to deal with you.

Finally after a long year or years, you finally realized that it was all up to you? “The surest way to prevent positive change is to do nothing.” TQTC. Then, as most of us finally realize… Form follows thought…we have to quit wallowing in our own self-pity. I love the expression…”fake it until you make it… it works. We must all make a concerted effort to improve our own happiness.

I know for me when I’m in a “dark night of the soul” it is a slow process to wade back through the quagmire into the light. However, when I take charge it always happens, I find my bliss again. It starts reflecting everywhere even in the sparkling eyes in the mirror. On a positive fast forward we find time to listen to music again. We may even start dancing, gardening or getting back to nature. I find everything eventually falls back to place.

We have to keep soldiering on each day, to keep from falling back into the depths of another “dark night of the soul.” I have several friends that are therapists. They tell me, no matter how we feel, having a good therapist…someone neutral to confide in… is a good thing. I found this good advice personally. For all of you out there who are struggling with depression, heartache and grief, it’s going to be fine…

I don’t say this lightly, just hang in there! And if you need help please talk with someone. I’m here if you need me. I spend many a night talking friends and family off the metaphorical cliff. Just be practiced enough not to take on others baggage if you choose to do this.

It is all a matter of reminding yourself that you are to do it. Just keep getting out and make efforts towards getting out. Remember that you are a star, You radiate your own light and energy! And positive vibes attract positive energy.

You know what, my divas, the happy triggers, the quiet, safe places that make you calm. Just hang in there! The World is awesome and so are each of you.

Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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