Diva Ranting: Holier than Thou…

Guilty even if innocent….

Yours truly was confronted by someone still incensed from something I was supposed to have done in November 2018. I never heard of it and when I was shown what I was supposed to have posted on a the sacred website it was shown to be me but I didn’t do it. Those who have followed The Crones for anytime know we don’t give a horses ass about your stuff. We admit our craziness and faults and we never intend to intentionally offend anyone. But here it was full blown. The person said she was so mad she wanted to slap me. My response if you felt that way you should have, that day, not festered on it for four months before telling me; even if I was guilty until proven innocent in your eyes.

My point in this is, that in this modern world of chaos where it seems more and more people wake up invested in being incensed, we can’t win. If you don’t have the tits up to come and look me in the eye and speak your mind we cannot resolve an issue. With some, so cloaked in their own self righteousness, you will never resolve it like adults. Mother Teresa would say…love them anyway and move on (or words to that effect).

These days we will always have those cloak and dagger folks out there maligning us without our knowing. I don’t care but you may. Anyway, don’t let anyone rain on your parade. If you focus on darkness you get more darkness or even the devil himself. I choose the light of saying oh well, don’t sweat the petty stuff and don’t pet the sweaty stuff LOL!

Don’t get us wrong. We are salty old crones with hearts of gold but as fierce as any warrior on the planet if you take us on. Don’t get me wrong….I love pitching a good “hissy fit” for a good cause. Right is Right!


I’ve decided that since no matter what We do somebody’s going to pick us apart every day. Rather than have to listen to a diatribe of uneducated people’s tripe and bologna, let’s just post our own list. They can check off the ones they want to pick on that day and feel fulfilled.
> We/me and my peeps still won’t give a hoot and everybody’s happy LOL. I’ll start:  

> Please place a check mark next to every insult you want me to feel bad about today…
> She’s fat
> She wears too make up
> She overdresses
> She looks me in the eyes and intimidates me.
> She’s a salty old crone.

> She makes me face things head on; I hate that.

>She’s blunt and says what she thinks; makes me uncomfortable
> She think she’s the Queen of the Cosmos?￰
> She’s an intellectual snob

> She’s mean to mean people right back!!!
> She scares me
> I hate her
Here’s a few for starters… Knock yourselves out LOL… me and my peeps will be doing our yoga and not really caring at all. My personal Facebook posse liked the idea.

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