Diva Rambling: Choices….


It’s all about the choices. Hell is a choice. You don’t have to go there. Sadness is a choice you don’t have to go there. Meanness is a choice, Gossip is a choice…you get my point.

Please don’t get me wrong there are those of us who are chemically coded to fall into a state of depression, sadness, and serious dark nights of the soul. Some of us do need help.

Hopefully, when we do seek help it will teach us to make better choices about where we cast our thoughts. Thought becomes form, no matter what you think it happens. Basic physics agrees with metaphysics in this situation.

I heard a statement on some show I was flipping through the other day. It said that there are two tigers fighting inside each of us. One tiger is loving, kind, generous; the other mean, sneaky, covert. Which one wins? The one you feed!

We each have a choice which tiger we feed each day. Some days it’s hard to decide which cage to throw the food into. But we know what to do. Feed your good tiger and watch how gentle it becomes. Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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