Diva Musing: Searching for what’s lost…

Searching for what’s lost.

So many of my friends are African-American, Latino, gays or foreigners from many wonderful cultures. What I love most about them is that they respect their ancestors and their cultures. They celebrate ancestors who have given them strength to be the wonderful people that they are…. strong, brilliant, creative, human beings who strive to make the world better place. They choose this, rather than making the world dark and abused.

I celebrate my many blessings for knowing each of them. Why have we lost our way to celebrate good people? We are being forced, without our permission, to celebrate bullies, terrorists, and the moral sludge of the world. They bring only darkness and decay.

Whoever takes offense at this question…then I say “Me think thou doth protest too much “!
I challenge us to go back to our roots…all races, cultures and creeds…, and celebrate goodness once more.

Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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