I suddenly realize that of all the rituals I know of in the world, I do not know one for friends to celebrate each other. Why is that? There are rituals for many things and contracts for all sorts of personal relationships (prenups, working relationships, sorority or organizational rituals, etc.). Sadly most people’s focus goes into romantic relationships. That, in fact, can leave us really exposed. It becomes harder to spot toxic relationships when you don’t have any others for comparison.

Dedication between people in a non-romantic context non-existent as far as I know…except for Facebook reminding us we have been friends for another year. A little sterile but there you have it. A friendship that is long term has a definite impact on your life. We may pick people up as need, but we put them down when they no longer serve our purpose. As we move on the casual relationship we had going on with another soul does not endure. It is sad because it shows we were never that invested in them anyway.
When is it the right time to make a declaration of friendship? Seem pretty odd? Well, there is, in fact, an absence of any kind of supporting etiquette! It will likely feel weird or overpowering to the person/s on the receiving end. This is because it’s not what routinely occurs.

It is much more difficult to function socially and emotionally when you don’t have multiple people in your life for support. Friendship is such an intensely rewarding gift, and people who are looking for romance only, miss out on so much. One can feel incredibly alone when addicted to romantic relationships. But think about it, if we make our romantic relationship our only goal, we put an intense amount of pressure on our partners. If we only dedicate to this relationship, we require our partners to be all things in all ways for us. Some would say even… too needy. That is usually too demanding and difficult to live up to for anyone.
I have been blessed with so many light-workers for friends, that I often feel selfish with such an array of brilliant, creative, loving, supportive divas and superheroes in one little life. I honor them and love them with all my heart…and you know who you are!

I highly recommend that you broaden your circle of elite light-workers and superheroes yourself. They can be found in all ages and cultures. Your soul will thank you, your heart will thank you, your health will thank you, the Universe will reward you and that’s that.
Namaste the Queen Cronista

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