Diva Rambling: Many Moods of a Day….

Is It Just Me!

I was sitting in my morning watering hole (Donut Shop) this morning and laughing at all of the people in work out clothes coming in for breakfast sandwiches and donuts.  We work off 200 calories only to comfort food ourselves for 1500 calories at breakfast.  I even got caught by my personal trainer the other day.  However, I promised the breakfast sandwich and smoothie were my big meal of the day.  No guilt here.  

Meanwhile I go workout with him at 3 pm and I can feel every calorie…even though I haven’t eaten since breakfast.  I’m sweating like fat Elvis on the rowing machine and he’s telling me just how good I’m doing!!!!!!!!! 

There are so many people I truly like that I find myself having to restrain myself from slapping; just for general reference.  The church lady who always tells me she loves me, then gets out and trashes me behind my back.  The teenagers at school who think because I’m 69 years old they can pull my leg.  HA!!!! I’d been in more trouble by age 15 than they can guess.  That’s because in our day we had imaginations and could think.  Some of these kids can’t think past their Xbox or cell phone.  When you screw with the Queen …Its “Off with your proverbial head”!

The helicopter mom who won’t let her 15 year old baby boy do PE because he has allergies.  Or the 15 year old girl who doesn’t know a convection oven from a microwave; oh did I mention she wants to be a brain surgeon! Seriously, can it get any worse? 

OK and then we have the nutters in the parking lots who want you dead.  They come flying down the wrong way in a one way isle. You are at the end of that aisle with nowhere to go… and they get irate because you, who are going the right way, can’t back down the entire aisle to let them go.  That’s when I pull out whatever book I have in the car, put it in park, and let them yell, scream, gesture and honk until the cows come home.  I literally had to sit 35 minutes the other day with one of these jerks.  She only had to back up 2 car lengths to let the rest of us pass.  I won, won, won!!! And I got some reading done. I wasn’t trying to be a butt hole, I literally had nowhere to go.  

I tell the younger women around me that being almost 70 had it’s perks.  You don’t have to care what you look like…although it is  my heartfelt belief that one should look Queenly at all times, even the gym. You don’t have to give a shift what others think, and you set appropriate boundaries, and woe to the idiot who crosses them.  It’s lovely really.

I love being my age.  It’s so comfortable.  Even if no one wants the wisdom you can pass along you don’t give a rats ass.  However, you are there for anyone who needs wisdom and help at any age.  Best of all worlds.  Stay with us, we love your visits and we will pontificate on until we can’t.  We love our followers, each one, for what you bring to the game. I read those of you blogging often. We, however, will remain the same salty divas we are and hope you visit us often in spite of our sarcasm and salty humor.  

Love and Light. Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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