Diva Musing: Peaceful Endeavors…

Peaceful Endeavors

I read that the “… a library is a hospital for the mind” and I thought a book store is a concert for the spirit.

A bookstore with comfy chairs and coffee shop is one of the most peaceful endeavors I give to myself. I’d probably live in one if I could. I began thinking…what are some of the peaceful endeavors you give yourself? Could you share with us so we can add to our own lists? I’d love to see your input.

Right now I’m in the office listening to peaceful music to trigger relaxation and looking out of my 7 foot office window at the surrounding lush, green mountains and sky with great white puffy clouds. I breathe in the peaceful atmosphere around me.

Please take time to share some of your peaceful endeavors with us. I can’t wait.

Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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