Diva Rambling: Is It Just Me?

Is It Just Me? I am having more and more trouble “peopling” these last few months.  I try to be a good customer, I try to be polite in traffic, I try to be civil to the idiots blocking me in the grocery isle for hours while discussing every ass ache they have ever had.  Yet, no one returns the favors in kind.  

One should have to send a memo or text when the day is all about them, or I don’t know, and am apt to get my sassy pants on real fast.  

I went to the Superstore Grocery pick up the other day and had a wonderful experience. The guys brought my order handled it perfectly and were absolutely delightful. Why can’t everyone be like them?  If I had more money I’d have gone online and shopped again because they made the experience so pleasant.  Business Organizations seem to have no clue that that is what it is all about, ultimately. Make me happy and I’ll spend my hard earned money with you and not someone else.  If NOT flapp in the wind all day; I won’t be back.  

Anyway, I want to thank the young men who were so helpful and hilarious.  It made me think I might be able to “people” again! 

Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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