Diva Ranting: Hostile Creature….

Let’s just go on record to say… this Crone is a hostile creature. Only if I’m forced daily to tolerate,  constant whining, tales of ass aches, pontificating, sanctimonious, stupid zealots and bullying, passive aggressive, malignant narcissists.  That’s a big boatload of crazy stuffed into a little canoe on a big river. I get on overload really quick when this happens.

I’m very blessed to have learned a few triggers to sift the “stank energy” of these intolerable but the best remedy is avoidance.  I’ve recently let go of lots of these types in my life by moving on and focusing only on the good souls I know. Limited group at best. Yet, only a bit of good, can keep one on track so much better when not having to shovel crap out of the way. Focus on what you want and let the rest go.  See how much better the garden grows when one gets rid of the weeds.  

Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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