Diva Musing: Your Tribe….

I always tell my besties that the best one are all winos, weirdos, and pervies….I mean that in a most loving way. When you have friends that match your weirdness and uniqueness, you are so blessed. A brigade of warriors who understand each other and have each others “6” at all times. Live Doesn’t get better than that.

People tell me that I’m impossible. They tell me I’m scary, they tell me I’m different and they’ve never met anyone like me. One of the best ever was…”you are the most predictably unpredictable person I’ve ever known.” I say ….”And your point?” I can’t remember who said “be yourself everybody else is taken…” but I like it. If you cannot be you, move to a new venue and get a new brigade. Life is too short to be around a bunch of prats who have no vision or sense of humor. You can still be a kind, gentle, caring person and be weird. Besides it’s all who is using their definition of weird in that moment. I usually find that the person accusing/judging me to be weird is weird to my definition of weird. Its all relative. LOL!

Get out there and spread you sparkle of weirdness, sit with the nerdy bunch, find your tribe and love them. Let no one but the Karma Cops stop you…them you must acknowledge. Keep you flame glowing the world needs it. Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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