Diva Musing:Peopling…


I’ve ranted sufficiently lately about my having no need to people. However, I find when I step out of my daily environment and interact with the public in the crater, I find amazing people. At the watering hole this morning I helped a woman with a walker carry her 2 dozen donuts to her car. I told her any angel that give donuts to people was an angel for sure!

I told the mom laboring to eat a donut because of the calories not to worry they have holes in the middle for the calories to leak out. She like it and bought six. She said she’d gain five pounds. I told her I would watch her eat one and gain ten. It’s all about perspective. She and her children laughed.

There is is young woman at our local super store that always fusses at people like she’s cranky. I’ve taken her banter on several times and we’ve become great passing friends. I love her personality. Gets back to my recent post about weird friends are jewels. Sometimes I forget, in the stern environment in which I normally dwell, that there are so many good souls waiting for someone to have snappy repartee with them. I realize I would be missing a lot if I didn’t get out and people occasionally. Have you “Peopled” today? Do it; it will work wonders on your spirit.

I often remind you that old crones like me have had gravity take hold and we may look scowling with our droopy jaw lines, while we are continually doing a dance of joy in our minds. Dr. David Jeremiah has written a book…”Slaying The Giants In Your Life”. I’m reading it now. I use this because it is a good thought to keep in mind. We may have to do battle everyday just to slay the demons/giants who intrude. This Crone carries a big sword don’t you mess with me! LOL! Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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