Diva Rambling: Nice Things Each Day…

Nice Things Each Day

The nice man at the coffee shop bought me a coffee smoothie the other day. He came in and I said good morning and he decided I should have another and told them to make it and he’d pay. I didn’t need one but I graciously accepted.

It is amazing how interacting with other people can change their demeanor in the moment. He came in looking sad and down. I cheerfully said hello and told him one of the favorite sandwiches they offered, that I liked, when he asked me. His demeanor changed and he started smiling and stood taller. I heard him telling a man he knew he was a vet who was alone and would take his purchase home and eat it by himself.

I would have offered to have him sit with me but he and his acquaintance kept chatting while they waited for their food and I didn’t want to interrupt. He seems to come in the same time most days. Next time I’ll pay for whatever he gets before he arrives and have them tell him its been take care of already.

My point is doing something nice for others each day makes them and us feel good. I don’t have a lot but I can be as generous as possible with what I do have. My wrap on each day before meditating is to find one miracle in each day and several things to be grateful for in the day. There is always something. Diva challenge. Try to find those things and tell us what you are finding. It’s like a treasure hunt for all of us reading and sharing. Love you, Divas, Namaste, The Queen Cronista


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