Diva Musing: Spell Checking…

Spell Checking…
Sometimes I think things to death. Where am I, Who am I, What is the meaning of life, What am I supposed to do in life? I follow thousands of ancestral years of people thinking the same way. They had many thing in life, thousands of years ago, to evaluate just as I/we do. Someone eats your lunch out of the refrigerator. How will I respond? If I were a cave woman I might pull out a tomahawk and pound their head in, I worked hard to bring down that mastodon! I might use the proper “UG” to cuss them out sufficiently. I may just walk away, but not likely for a cave woman or even a mountain woman like me. Simpler times were easier to handle.
Today we are on sensory, emotional, global melt down almost each new day. Many of us are addicted to our cell phones and can text in a blink of an eye a feeling, emotion, or fact. No more smoke signals that could be effected by the weather (or so they want us to think). LOL! So many of us are under the spell of technology, bad news media, big pharma propaganda and general stressful malaise.
What can we do? Spell Check! Identify and evaluate the spells that you have let get cast on you and work to break them. It is all about decisions we can make. That is the real spell breaker. Our good choices.
Do I want to keep taking those drugs, Do I want to keep wallowing in self pity, do I need a significant other so much that I would put up with abusive bullying prats???? If you don’t break the spells in your life you could become the bitter, cynical shrew/witch you likely despise. Are you clinging to the past and letting dead issues allow you to create more bad Karma? Do you need the victim mentality so badly that you can’t let go?
Is the blame game still the mantra for your life all the time? Are you the indefatigable whiner? So much so you don’t even deserve Cheese with that whine. Each day is a new day to choose. Only you can choose to love in spite of chaos and cruelty in you life. You can choose to stay away from those who create this in your life. You can distance yourself from any ting and everything that destroys your vibration in the world. You do not have to let other destroy you inner peace and love.
Start volunteering and get outside your own problems. You may want to go back to school and start a new trade or learning tool. Have an adventure you never thought you could. Sit in groups that nurture you personally and spiritually. Stay out of groups that DON’T!
Put on your big girl panties and go for it. Shift happens; but only when we agree to let shift happen.
The Universe sends you what you think about all day long. If you choose the blame game, you’ll get more things to blame others form. If you choose the change game and think only of what you really want the Universe will bring you that continually. Don’t keep swimming upstream. Go with the natural flow that the universe has set for you. I hope my pontificating hasn’t upset you. I really do this often to remind myself to practice what I preach. Happy Spell Checking. Love and Light to our Light-worker Brigade.
Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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