Diva Musing: Choose or Loose….

Is what you choose making you loose?

I’m always reminding us that form follows thought. Making a decision is choosing a thought that goes in a defined pattern. If form follows thoughts then that decision can make a long-lasting effect upon us and others around us. Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Queen Elizabeth I, Henry the VIII, Our founding forefathers, all made choices that had long-lasting impact on others; both good and bad.

There are those who choose to lay down their lives for others safety and freedom. Then there are those who try to terrorize and murder innocents and take away their safety and freedom. Each will certainly answer for their decisions with the Karma Cops. So you see choices do matter. I told my children that when they hit 16 they would have to live with the consequences of their choices for the rest of their lives. It is a Universal Law that ….”when you play you must pay!” It’s easy to remember. Good choices result in good Karma or consequences; bad choices result in bad Karma or consequences.

Each decision we make points us in the specific direction of our intention. Our destination is determined by the decisions we made. Get out of your own way and listen to the Guidance of the Universe wanting to assist you in making right choices/decisions. Be grateful that you have a Guide so willing to keep you out of trouble.

Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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