Painfully Absent Diva….

I have been a painfully absent Diva of late. I’m begging your forgiveness.  I miss you far more than you miss me when I don’t get to do this.  

We just opened a new coffee shop and I”m all aflutter with setting up systems and dealing with communication companies whose customer service is NIL !!! So I’ve been spending more time on hold and hang up than any human should ever have to.  If you’ve ever experienced an internet or phone problem you know what I mean. The Lavender Crone had a flood at her house and had to move…soooooooooo, long story short we didn’t mean to ignore our wonderful friends near and far.  Do Forgive Us. 

I’m back trying to be on form.  The good side is I came up with some delightful new recipes and all are a hit.  Here is a look see at our coffee shop.  Well some of the food anyway.  We are the serving from scratch, freshest around recipes.  Best homemade soups and cornbread ever!!! It’s wonderful to see the response of patrons.  You can find us on instagram and the internet. More to follow. 

                                                         THE TABLE COFFEE HOUSE

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