Diva Musing: Hebrew for the Holidays….

I have had so many wonderful Jewish friends over the years.  Below is what I call my” Hebrew for the Holidays”…Words and Phrases I hear when I visit Jewish households for the holidays.  Love those Jewish Grandmothers…
20 Jewish Words I love:
1. Verklempt
Definition: when you have no words because you are filled with much emotion
Sentence: Your grandma was verklempt after seeing you in your bar/bat mitzvah attire.
2. Schpilkes
Definition: when one is overwhelmed and/or nervous
3. Oy Gevalt
Definition: the act of being stunned by something you hear
Sentence: “OY GEVALT” she cried out once she heard how much the party would cost.
4. Shmutz
Definition: dirt or stain on ones face, body or clothing
Sentence: She wiped the piece of shmutz off her daughter with a wet paper towel.
5. Fakakta
Definition: something silly or ridiculous
Sentence: Grandma Rosalie didn’t like the fakakta rap music that was playing at the wedding.
6. Bubbala
Definition: endearing term, from grandma to grandkids
Sentence: “Bubbala, can you fetch me my reading glasses” yelled grandma Judy.
7. Shana Punum
Definition: beautiful face
Sentence: Aunt Shirley pinched her cheeks and exclaimed “What a Shana Punum!!”
8. Mishpucha
Definition: you are extended family
Sentence: Matthew was basically mishpucha for he went to all of his best friends family events.
9. Shiksa
Definition: non-Jewish girl
Sentence: His mother almost fainted when she heard her son was dating a shiksa.
10. Plotz
Definition: to freak out with excitement
Sentence: I could plotz from the beautiful view of the mountains.
11. Schtick
Definition: a persons actions or act
Sentence: The magician’s schtick was sawing a women in half.
12. Spiel
Definition: a long and detailed story, speech, or plot
Sentence: He asked her for the whole spiel on the fight between uncle Marvin and grandpa Murray.
13. Tchatchke
Definition: a toy or an item
Sentence: Stacey has so many tchatchkes in the house there is hardly room for the family.
14. Tuches
Definition: ones rear end
Sentence: “Don’t you talk back to me young lady, I wiped your tuches” her mother yelled.
15. Nosh
Definition: a snack before, after or with a meal or when grandma wants to stuff food in your face
Sentence: “What can we nosh on today? How about some cookies!” said grandma Rita.
16. Chutzpah
Definition: courage and/or bravery
Sentence: Stewart had a lot of chutzpah for standing up to his older brother Kevin.
17. Kvetshed
Definition: to complain or whine about something
Sentence: Trevor kvetshed because he didn’t want to go to temple.
18. Shlep
Definition: to drag someone unwillingly along
Sentence: Jodi was tired of shleping her son on his earns.
19. Mench
Definition: a hero or a person who does good deeds
Sentence: Andrew was a mench for helping the old women cross the street.
20. Mazel Tov
Definition: good luck
Sentence: She wished her nephew and his wife Mazel Tov on the birth of their first child.

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