Diva Rambling: Friends….

What Real Friends Do…

We’ve had a rough patch this winter. The Crones in all parts of the country have been hit by the crud bugs like everyone else. Here are some friendly tips on how to help those in need weather with illness or a life issue.

Do not call and ask if you can help or do you need anything! Those statements are often rhetorical and meaningless. Some more appropriate offers might be…

I’ve got time this week; how can I help/support you?

Do you need me to pick up your children or take them anywhere?

I made a huge dinner today…When can I drop your off?

I’m picking up groceries in a few. Send me your list and I’ll get yours too.

I know you are going through a rough patch; tell me how your feeling and what I can do to help.

I know you love the spa; I have a mobile therapist coming to your house so you don’t have to drive.

I’m taking the kids for a playcation so you can have some time to yourself.

There are always Seniors in our lives….church, family, neighborhood etc. Visit one, take them a dinner or treat. See if they’d like to go for an uplifting ride to a park or favorite coffee shop. Get outside yourself an make your seasons better.

Know you audience before making this type of offering. However, more

Namaste The Queen Cronista

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