Diva Musing: Perspectives…Labor of Love…

Perspectives Labors of Love….

One of the teachers asked if I was doing a scavenger hunt this year. I love doing this kind of thing for the students. However, the last one we did had a team of 8 working like a hive to get it all done and make it creative, fund and challenging. I’m not even counting the time when one of us would awake a t 3 AM and text the group with ideas or things to remember. When I added up our time from soup to nuts we had over 800 hours in it without actually the set up and clean up for day of.

Sadly with only several weeks of school left I had to say NO, because I don’t have a willing team this year, nor enough time left to pull it off fabulously.

Whenever you attend a fun event, remember the people who are doing it do so as an act of love and fun. We need to appreciate the outcome as well as the people who make it happen! It sure gave me a new perspective on this kind of fun. Namaste the Queen Cronista…

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