Diva Rambling: Food Cravings During Mercury Retrograde…

Food Cravings During Mercury Retrograde:
When Mercury is in Retrograde I know it!!! It hits in so many ways. I haven’t been tracking since last December but I”ve been feeling like I could suck the insulation out of the refrigerator I’m so hungry, mail has gotten lost, my computer has taken on a mind of it’s own…I’ve started addressing it as Hal, in fact. So I thought I”d check the retrograde charts and guess what? But I also discovered that not only I, but the staff at Allrecipes tracks things like this too. Who knew?
Foods during Mercury Retrograde https://www.allrecipes.com/article/what-to-eat-when-mercury-is-in-retrograde/
Have you wondered why you might crave an ooey-gooey grilled cheese or rich, savory bacon burger at certain times of the year? It could be due to the way the stars and planets are aligned. In other words, the universe may be conspiring to influence what you eat. One such celestial cause can be Mercury in retrograde, an event that will occur several times in 2020 — February 17 to March 10, June 18 to July 22, and October 14 to November 3.
What does that mean, Mercury in retrograde? When Mercury, the planet of communication and rational thinking, is in retrograde, everyone may feel a bit unlike themselves or slightly “off,” so much so that their day-to-day routines might become seriously affected, leading them to struggle with how to speak to people, make decisions, meet deadlines, and think more clearly in general.
Many astrologers even recommend people avoid making big decisions that can impact their lives in a dramatic way, such as making significant financial plans, traveling to different areas where there is a sense of the unknown, and accepting new job offers while quitting present ones during these windows of time. And through all this, there’s one thing people turn to to feel a sense of security and rest: comfort food.
What Do People Eat When Mercury Is in Retrograde?
Turns out, not many healthy options! (Shocking, huh?) DoorDash pulled together the top foods people ordered during previous Mercury in retrograde periods to help fight those blues and blahs. Based on these past years’ go-to food options, it’s clear people are craving comfort foods and sweet treats. Can you blame us?
A few notable stats:
We Spin Toward Comfort FoodsFrench fries are the most ordered food during Mercury in retrograde. Chicken nuggets are second, and quesadillas take third place for the top eats across the board. Bacon cheeseburgers and grilled cheese sandwiches are two of the top trending items as well, which makes sense, since they’re delicious and quite soul satisfying.
Sweets Stop the Spinning: Cravings for sweets increase during this period, as orders of chocolate chip cookies are 170 percent over the norm, and ice cream orders spiked over 70 percent during last year’s retrogrades.
Some States Really Feel the Pull: Montana seems to feel the effects of retrograde the most, followed by Maryland, and then California, based on ordering data from the previous years.
Can You Overpower the Planets’ Pull?
Certainly when time for another Mercury in retrograde spins around, you could be aware of it and try and be cautious, working to eat healthier foods, like salads, eggs, grilled chicken, and more. Or you could make your own versions of comfort foods, like air fryer fries or healthier mac & cheese. And of course, you could just go right ahead and order those foods that make you feel comforted. It’s OK to cut yourself slack, since it’s normal at this time!

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