Diva Ranting: Crones Laugh at Coronus…

Crones Laugh at Coronus…
The Crones are waxing nostalgic today. As an elderly person in the USA who has lived the social distant lifestyle for 8 years, I have learned to enjoy the special time to connect with the Universe and all the joys of our modern techno lifestyles. If it is meant to be the Coronus will get me. If not there is no one but the plan of the Divine Universal Source that can get you or keep you.
Read some more. I’ve been Miss Marple-ing and listening to more meditation music. My dogs get an extra massage each day and love it! I’m business as usual. I haven’t hoarded one thing. I always keep an extra case of toilet paper due to my experience with the paper shortage of 1973 in Florida. As a southerner I always have dried beans, potatoes, cornmeal, and I’m still able to get greens and ham hock. Appalachians are very …“little house on the prairie” all the time. And the spoiled pussies who aren’t …Oh well.
I’m now learning the merits of Kudzu as a viable plant source. It is, not only medicinal, but edible. Every part but the vines. You can make baskets, paper, and soap as well as many other practical items from it. I’m threatening to hit the hilltops here and crochet myself a little house from it. LOL!!! It’s everywhere in the south and you can’t kill it. I just got a bottle of Kudzu Extract and tea for blood sugar, and other medicinal uses. Amazon has great Kudzu books with recipes.
I me, seriously, people, find ways. I’m 70 and I refuse to give up. I was MacGuiver before there was a MacGuiver (google him), one of my favorite old TV shows. Now is the time to meet him. Anyway, I’ll pontificate no more today. Buck it up walk it off … as I use to tell my children. Love and Survival Vibes to all. Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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