Diva Rant: Colloidal Silver, Efficacy?

More Crone Wisdom-Colloidal Silver (A sliver star for healers)

I was chatting with my son who is a very traditional medical person in the military. He and I were arguing the merits and efficacy of Colloidal Silver. I’ve used it for years. I gargle with it, I drink it, I put cotton swabs up my nostrils and soak them. Nothing viral or bacterial can live in a pure silver environment. Doctors and Pharmaceutical companies don’t want us to know that. But years ago our old mountain Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat specialist recommended it for ear aches and other infections. If you ask your own doctor they will poo-poo it as did my son.

I said “you all are using silver bandages in hospitals now to prevent infection, right?” “Yes,” he replied but there is no efficacy to the colloidal silver. “Duh!!!!!!!, Don’t be a ninny. Silver environment is silver environment.” I needed it with that. That is why I prefer more holistic doctors to purely traditional. All I’m saying is, people who know it use it to hedge their bets.

I think I’ve mentioned this before. I had a friend in California who had a foot infection for 6 months. They kept loading her with one radical antibiotic after another. She had lupus and was in pain. I had a friend manufacture a colloidal silver machine for her (the stuff in the stores is useless if more than 20 day old and very expensive).  The machines can be made for about $ 10 plus 3 D cell batteries. With the machine she could maker hers fresh daily. I told her how to use it and after six months of pain it healed in 5 days. Her doctor said that it had nothing to do with it…Ha, Ha, Ha…All I’m saying… there is stuff out there they don’t want us to know about.

The crones are not doctors but wise old women who know and respect the wisdom passed along to us. We use the natural things Nature and the Universe have provided and we respect its efficacy even if no one else does. Research, learn, be your healthiest by loving yourself enough to learn and discern. Research it yourselves while you have time on your hands. We love you no matter what. Namaste, The Queen Cronista…

NOTE: Moderation in all things. The English Royals knew this in ancient times and overdid it (they were the only ones who could afford silver), their skin an irises turned blue…hence the term blue bloods. A couple of tablespoons a day for preventative is all that I take along with swabbing my nostrils. If I feel a sore throat I gargle and spit.  I normally tell you to check with your own doctor but s/he will poo-poo Crone Wisdom.  Research and decide for yourself.  

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